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2023 Full-Time Coaching Staff

2023 Full-Time Coaching Staff

2023 Full-Time Coaching Staff

2023 Full-Time Coaching Staff

2023 Full-Time Coaching Staff

DLSS Attended Regattas


2024 Dates


Fleet Details

Link to Host Yacht club

X Boat

6/18 - Tuesday

6/19 - Wednesday

6/20 - Thursday


(Training Regatta at Pine)

Tues – Juniors (full day)

Wed – Juniors (am only)

             Seniors (pm only)

Thurs – Seniors (full day)


6/24 - Monday

*Fun Regatta

(Lake Beulah)




6/28 - Friday


(Training Regatta at Cedar)




7/8 - Monday

7/9 - Tuesday


(Geneva Lake Sailing School)

Juniors & Seniors combined in one fleet


7/10 - Wednesday

7/11 - Thursday


(Geneva Lake Sailing School)




7/15 - Monday

7/16 - Tuesday



Juniors & Seniors combined in one fleet


7/20 - Sat

7/21 - Sun



Juniors & Seniors combined in one fleet


7/22 - Mon

*ILYA No Tears


Juniors & Seniors.

Based on age not skill


7/25 - Th

7/26 - Fri

7/27 - Sat

ILYA X Champs 





7/28 – Sun

7/29 – Mon

7/30 - Tues

ILYA Opti Champs




8/4 – Sun

8/5 – Mon

8/6 - Tues

Blue Chip

(La Belle)



8/9 - Fri

8/10 - Sat

8/11 - Sun

Blue Chip
(Cedar Lake)



*Fun Regatta: 


*ILYA No Tears: 

Opti regatta for green and experienced sailors.  Perfect regatta for the child that has never been to a regatta before.  The focus is on fun and learning.

Opti regatta for green and experienced sailors.  This regatta is unique because coaches can instruct students during the race.  Also, when on land, kids are broken into groups for small group lessons.

Opti regatta for very beginning Opti sailors to participate in a sailing event and for their families to learn what happens prior to attending more competitive events.  The following guidelines should be considered, if in doubt consult your coach:

  1. Sailors are encouraged to enter the No Tears Regatta if they:

    • Demonstrate the ability to sail an Opti both upwind and downwind.

    • Are willing to be coached and or helped by instructors while on the water.

    • Are not frustrated sailing with sailors who do not know the rules.

  2. Sailors should no longer participate in ILYA No Tears Regatta if they:

    • have previously placed in top 5 of their respective fleet of a No Tears Regatta.  A prior year one-race regatta may be exempt from this eligibility requirement.

    • have competed in RWB regattas or consistently in home lake racing.

  3. Kids are broken into groups based on their age, junior and seniors.

Fleet Levels






Newer sailors who can sail by themselves in light/medium wind, tack and jibe, able to complete a sailing course by rounding marks, including starts.  Age is not a factor.  Courses are shorter than the Red White Blue fleet however that allows for more races which gives the student additional practice at starting and rounding buoys. This also gives coaches the ability to instruct students between races. Coaches are also allowed to actively coach the bottom half of sailors even while they are sailing.


Experienced sailors, ages 10 & under (age on first day of regatta)


Experienced sailors, ages 11 & 12 (age on first day of regatta)


Experienced sailors, ages 13, 14 and 15 (age on first day of regatta)

Green fleet sails on a separate course than the R/W/B fleet.  And at most all regatta’s, the R/W/B fleet will start at the same time and sail on the same course.

A skipper can only race Opti’s until December 31st of the year in which they turn 15.  On December 31st of that year, they “age out” and can no longer race in the Optimist Class.




Skipper turned 14 after January 1st

Skipper turned 14 before January 1st

Skipper has not reached their 16th birthday prior to January 1st

Regatta Attendance

Throughout the season the DLSS attends specific regatta’s and promotes these to our students. 


If the student is approved to attend a specific regatta, the DLSS will communicate this approval to the parents and the parent can choose to register their child for that regatta.  DLSS Coaches will support these students while they are at the regatta. 


If the student is not approved by a DLSS Coach to attend a regatta, it is the parents’ responsibility to provide support as listed in the following section and the parent/guardian will be responsible for assisting their child both on & off the water. 


The decision of determining whether a student is approved to attend a regatta is at the discretion of the coaches.  Many factors go into this decision but with the most important always being the safety of your child, other students and the coaching staff.  The goal is to always approve a child to attend a regatta when they are ready. 

DLSS Support While at the Regatta

Support includes transporting an Opti (if applicable), assisting sailors on shore with boat setup, attending coach/skipper meetings, helping to launch boats, having a coach boat on the water for their assigned fleet and assisting sailors on the water before & after the racing.

Parent Attendance at the Regatta

Although the DLSS is providing support to the student, a parent or guardian is required to be on the host yacht club property at all times.  If that is not the case, the sailor will not be able to participate in the regatta. 

Signing up/Registering for a Regatta

It is the parents responsibility to register their child for a regatta by logging onto the website of the host sailing school.  You will have the option to purchase lunches and regatta spirit wear (if offered). 

Please always print/read the Notice of Race (NOR), it contains valuable information about the regatta such as:

  • When/Where to register

  • When/Where to launch sail boats

  • When/Where to launch personal spectator boats

  • Availability of host club spectator boats

  • When/Where the mandatory Competitors Briefing will take place

  • When/Where Safety Check on boat

  • Time of the Warning Signal for the first race

  • Scoring/Number of races

  • Course description

  • Rules

  • Protest and Redress information

  • When/Where the Awards Ceremony will be held

Transporting an Opti to a Regatta

Parents can transport an Opti to a regatta or the DLSS can transport the Opti to/from the regatta for a fee of $30.  This applies to DLSS owned boats or privately owned. If you would like the DLSS to transport the Opti please keep the following in mind:

  • Please signup asap. Trailer space fills up quickly and loading of the boats is planned in advance so we ask that you sign up at least 5 days in advance.   

  • The DLSS will transport the Opti hull to/from the regatta however it is the parents’ responsibility to transport the following items to/from the regatta. 

    • Spars (mast, boom & sprit pole)

    • Sail (which is typically attached to the mast already)

    • Blades (Rudder and Daggerboard) 

    • Dolly

  • An email will be sent to the parents ahead of time to let them know when the items are available for pickup.  It is the parents responsibility to also return those items to the DLSS so that they can be used for class the next day.

Arriving at the Regatta

Arrive at the regatta site in plenty of time to:

  • Help your child unload their boat, make sure you have all parts (life jacket included) and to start basic rigging.  Coaches will help fine-tune the boat, but they are also helping other students so any support you can provide is very helpful.

    • If the DLSS is bringing your Opti, the coaches will communicate ahead of time as to when they plan to arrive with the trailer and they will unload each Opti from the trailer.  

  • Attend the required Competitors Briefing/Skippers Meeting. This meeting is mandatory and extremely helpful to the skippers and parents.  The Race Committee Officials review the course, rules, wind conditions and any last-minute changes to the Notice of Race (NOR.) 

Eating at the Regatta

Breakfast:  Some regatta’s do provide a light breakfast for free which typically includes bagels, yogurt, donuts, granola bars, orange juice, milk and coffee.  But this is not always the case so plan accordingly. 

Lunch:  Most all regatta’s do provide a lunch option when you are registering for the regatta.  If they do not, then you will need to bring a lunch for your sailor.

Hotel Rooms

It is the parents’ responsibility to secure hotel rooms if staying the night for a regatta.  When registering, look for a list of hotels in the area, host yacht clubs will typically include this information on the registration website.

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