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The Board of Directors would like to thank you in advance for your contribution and commitment to the continued growth of our sailing programs in the DLYC. The generosity and participation of many continues to ensure our success.

If you would like to make a donation, please download and print the donation form and mail to:

Delavan Lake Sailing School 
P.O. Box 72 
Delavan, WI 53115

Mary W. Beers Adult Sailing Fund

In honor of our mother, Mary W. Beers, the family has designated the Delavan Lake Sailing School as a honorary memorial.

In June of 1931, Mary met our father Tom on Delavan Lake. Mom had just graduated 8th grade and was visiting the home of a former classmate. That home is now owned by Mary Ellen Christy and her family on the South Shore. Mary’s classmate, Martha Huff, informed her that they were going to meet Tom and Sylvester Beers who would be arriving by sailboat. Originally, Mom was going to be paired up with Syl, but Dad pulled rank and took her out on a C boat ride. There was light air coming down from the island. Dad got Mom to ride the boards and he let go of the mainsheet causing the boat to go flat. By doing so, Mom fell in the water. Mom thought Dad was so fresh!

A DLYC romance was born with Mary and Tom. In 1960, our sister Susie Beers Betzer found a DLSS romance with Peter Betzer.

From the very beginning, Mom and Dad supported the Sailing School and were lifelong crew members. We believe that in the 1950’s, Dave Everhart, Katherine Stevens, Carol Steven Dinsmore and our cousin Jane Rumsey were the first group of instructors. Mary returned to live in Delavan in 1995. Mary made a cherry pie along with a pie carrier every year for the Annual Sailing School Auction up until 2014.

We children, Susie Beers Betzer, Thomas Beers Jr., Nancy Beers Parsons and Richard Beers all attended the DLSS until we were too old for X boats. Our brother Tom was one of Richard’s first instructors. The next generation of Beers, Mary Katherine and Rachel, attended DLSS from 1992-2009. Rachel was also a DLSS Sailing School Instructor for 3 years. We have a great passion for DLSS and we wish to continue that support in a new way. We've asked the DLSS Board to create the Mary W. Beers Adult Sailing Fund. It is designed for adults wishing to learn to sail. They can be true beginners or experienced sailors looking to enhance their existing skills. The goal is to attract all adults, including but not limited to:

  • Parents of children enrolled in DLSS youth programs

  • Guests and friends of DLYC Members

  • Homeowners of Delavan Lake, not yet sailors

  • Residents of Delavan and Walworth County

  • Visitors to resorts of Delavan Lake

If you would like to make a donation, please download and print the donation form and mail to or donate electronically:

Check to DLSS/Mary Beers Fund,

Delavan Lake Sailing School

P.O. Box 72

Delavan, WI 53115

Peter J. Barrett Sailing Alliance Mission Statement

The Peter J. Barrett Sailing Alliance Mission is a program designed to encourage participation and promote excellence in sailing and sailboat racing for able-bodied and disabled college students attending the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. It is designed introduce students to the sport of sailing, train them in the necessary skills to sail and to develop life-enhancing proficiencies associated with the sport. It is the partnership between the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater (UW-W) and the Delavan Lake Sailing School (DLSS). of Delavan, Wisconsin, both educational organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

The Alliance is named in honor of Peter Barrett, an Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, who taught Sailing School at Delavan Lake Yacht Club and was a Business Professor of UW-Whitewater. Peter was also honored posthumously by Harken Inc., who donated a Sportsmanship trophy to the United States Sailing Federation to recognize excellence in sportsmanship during competition.

The Alliance was initiated informally in the spring of 2004 when the two organizations joined to bring Betsy Allison, a US Paralympic Sailing Coach, to train 18 disabled athletes from UW-W in the sport of sailing. Students that had no previous knowledge of sailing ended up racing two races by the end of the day. Later that year in September, 18 able-bodied UW-W students enrolled in a Learn to Sail Program. In the spring of 2005, UW-W and DLSS offered another Learn to Sail program for able-bodied sailors.

With this encouraging result, plans were made to expand the program to include both able-bodied and disabled sailors for the upcoming year. In the spring of 2006, 32 able-bodied and disabled sailors participated in a Learn to Sail program in a combined event.

Looking forward, the Alliance is gearing up to increase communications and reports to students at the University and encourage students to take leadership positions in the UW-W Sailing Club, a university-chartered organization.

Most importantly, the emphasis will be to encourage all disabled and able-bodied students with an curiosity or established interest in sailing to take advantage of the facilities, equipment and support of both UW-W and DLSS and learn more about how sailing teaches lifelong skills in planning, implementation, competition, respect and fellowship.

With a seven-year history of working together informally, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and the Delavan Lake Sailing School have developed a more formalized approach of encouraging collegiate sailing.