Delavan Lake
Sailing School

The Delavan Lake Sailing School is a non-profit
organization. Since 1955 we have been dedicated
to teaching children and adults the art of sailing,
the concept of good sportsmanship, teamwork
and promoting camaraderie.

The sailing school is run by an all-volunteer
board whose responsibilities include fund raising,
curriculum, staffing and equipment. The unselfish
efforts of our volunteers has created an active and
healthy environment for our children and our
summertime. Open to all club members and
non-members, it is the desire of Delavan Lake
Sailing School to promote the sport of sailing.

Over the years Delavan Lake Sailing School
has introduced many young people and adults to
the joys and challenges of sailing.

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Featured Student

Janelle Simons, a current DLSS student, was asked to give a presentation to her class at the Delavan Christian School. Janelle decided to share with her class what she has learned at the Delavan Lake Sailing School. She brought an Opti into her school and set it up in front of her class.

Pricing and other information is available in
Program section of website.

Donate to the DLSS today! Visit our Donate page, print the form, complete and mail to: Delavan Lake Sailing School, P.O. Box 72, Delavan, WI 53115"

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